Saturday, September 25

What Works Best For You?

I’m on several grad school blogs and one brought my attention to a recent article on study habits and the shift in findings from ongoing research. The article talks about how evidence is suggesting that changing your study environment and studying more than one thing during an individual sitting might better establish the neural networks that help you retain the information that you are learning. I find this interesting from the perspective of working with college level students and my own kids…Milah just took her first test in first grade! I remember being in undergrad and grad school and having different spots in the library or coffee shops that I would frequent depending upon my mood and/or the material I had at hand. Hard core stuff definitely required the sixth floor stacks with an enclosed desk, but next to a window (you guys know how I am about atmosphere!) so that I could have some natural light, and I could pause to look out over the really cool garden in front of the library. I think you’ve heard me say how much I loved, loved, loved Ohio University’s beautiful and historic campus!

So, what works well for you? How do you find that you study best? Oh, the article also stressed the benefits of studying things “a little at a time” instead of cramming the night before – but, of course!

Check out the article and share your thoughts and experiences!

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