Sunday, November 7

Mentors are the Key to Success!

We are very grateful for Roop, Becky and Phame and their support, encouragement and imparting of nuggets of wisdom each time we see them. This was especially true on during our Friday conversation – I hope that each of you took something valuable from that conversation and can apply it to your current situation this week, whatever that may be. I also hope everyone heard my “take home message” – that being that each of you will find your path with good effort and strong belief in yourself. You all have great skills and ideas for how you wish to expand your education. Graduate school is going to open up exciting doors for you. My job is to keep encouraging you to make progress toward this goal – the most important item of business in my mind is establishing contact with faculty and your top-choice programs. This includes setting up visits and really making things happen. Roop, Becky and Phame are right in being highly impressed with how far ahead each of you are in terms of the grad school process. You are! You are McNair scholars….each on the path of embracing the legacy of Dr. McNair, while creating your own.

Fun memories from the summer....

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