Sunday, October 3


I shall say, again, I am most impressed with your growth and accomplishments since each of you became scholars earlier this year. I love seeing this evolution from the spring to the fall, especially. And, then again once grad school offers start coming in! You are all so professional in your presentations, very smart and exciting to watch. Experts on the rise! Congratulations and keep focused on the task at hand...taking this great research experience and development of skill sets and apply it toward getting yourself into a fully funded Ph.D. program.

Thought it would be fun to conclude with just a bit of commentary:
  • Bianca - Your presence is strong and self-assured.

  • Kayla - You take your work seriously and it shows in your command of the information.

  • J.J. - I am *most impressed* with your evolution from spring to fall - you came across as smooth and confident!

  • Bryan - What comes to mind is a cool, calm and collected professor.

  • Helena - I can see you presenting on a major breakthrough in your research that you have at an international conference.

  • Blaise - You would never know of your challenges with your project - super confident and very smooth, and relaxed, I might add.

  • Freddy - You can tell that you are passionate and very knowledgeable about your work!

  • Andy - You're the cool guy that gets down into the muck, literally! Great connection about the technicalities of your work and what it means in the bigger picture.

  • Lindsay - Nicely poised and very relaxed, I can see you in a clinical setting.

  • Jenn - Through the chaos, you emerge cool, calm and collected.

  • Josh - True enthusiasm and dedication to the field. Makes for a fun and thought-provoking presentation.

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