Saturday, October 23

One Fine Day

I think you all remember when Caitlin and Sam visited with us this summer – they graciously shared their grad school application experiences and gave us many laughs and “tricks of the trade.” They both seem off to a great start in their Ph.D. programs at the University of Illinois (Sam) and Portland State University (Caitlin). You may also recall Caitlin talking about how she initially thought she would pursue a career in creative writing instead of I/O psychology. My sense is that she is happy with her choice of pursuing I/O; however, she is also feeding “her creative side” through her blog. She actually started it during her grad school application process and is now posting on her new life as a Ph.D. student in the awesome city of Portland. Suffice it to say that Caitlin is a great writer – very witty and highly entertaining – I might add! Caitlin is a great person and I know that I’m excited to see where her adventures take her.

I invite you to follow Caitlin on her blog! As scholars looking to follow in her footsteps of becoming fully-funded in a Ph.D. program of your choice, I think you might find it useful, informative and fun! I encourage you to read over her blog from the beginning (meaning the part about the application process) or you may prefer to pick up from the beginning of the fall semester and see how Caitlin acclimated to the move, her starting work with her faculty mentors and her assistantship, meeting and getting to know other students in her program, getting to know the city, finding a place to live (she’s got some stories on that!)…etc. etc. I know time is limited and we all have to make choices about how we spend our precious minutes. I think checking out Caitlin’s blog would fall in the category of time well spent as aspiring Ph.D. students yourselves!

Here’s the link to Caitlin’s blog:

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