Sunday, March 13

Puts it in perspective

I spent my spring break in St. Louis, MO. I wasn't vacationing on a beach (not that St. Louis has any), or going site seeing (though I did go to the arch). But I was there to volunteer. I was on an Alternative Spring Break through CMU Volunteer Center. It was an amazing and rewarding experience. I worked with a nutrition center for HIV/AIDs patients called Food Outreach. While I was there, I met their small, but amazing staff, and many of the regular volunteers. I also had the chance to meet a few patients. I think the biggest take home lesson from these kinds of trips is that no matter what their situation, people are people, and can be very surprising. While we were working with Food Outreach, we were staying at a drop in center called the Bridge. It caters meals to the homeless of St. Louis for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While there we ate two of our meals a day with all the people who come there just about every day of their lives. It was an eyeopening experience. The entire trip gave me insight into how easily life can change, and it makes you stop and think about all the luxuries we take advantage of. It makes me all the more grateful to be a McNair Scholar and to go to CMU. I hope everyone else had a wonderful spring break, and I'll see you all soon.


  1. Justin,
    What a great way to spend your spring break. It is eye opening isn't it? To spend time with people with so much less than we have.

  2. Hi Justin! Thanks for posting and sharing your experiences. I love hearing when scholars go on these alternative breaks. They always come back with their minds expanded and gratitude deepened.


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