Friday, March 25

Yesterday I Met The Man Behind All My Citations-Douglas Kelley !!!

Yesterday, I had the most amazing day ever. It started with me being at work just causually checking my e-mail and my research mentor sent me a message telling me that Douglas Kelley would be here presenting at the Communication department's annual Communication and Social Action Conference. This year the theme was blame and forgiveness. Douglas Kelley is actually a leader in the forgiveness communication research. So the story research mentor said she realized as she was reading my literature review that I had been citing alot of his work in my research and thought meeting him would be a great opportunity. So of course I said yes (screaming inside because I was so excited!!). I mean it was like getting ready to meet a celebirty (really). Just yesterday on our day off I had the chance to really read through his book Communicating Forgiveness (I actually carry this book around with me everyday). I found myself learning more and more about the forgiveness and tweeking my literature review along the way. I have also used every article he has published on forgiveness communication in my literature review. Today he presented from 11-12:15, since I was at work I couldn't make it to his presentation, but as soon as I got off of work at noon, I rushed over to Moore to meet him. Let me tell you I don't think I have walked faster in my life across campus. I was determined to meet this man. Another crazy connection was that I actually inquired about master's program at Arizona State University a few weeks ago because he teaches there and I could definitely see my self working with him on forgiveness research.

So how did the meeting go Donnesha? I am glad you asked. It was amazing, I had lunch with him and we spent an hour just chatting about my research, and the program, faculty and research endeavors at ASU, he also told me a great deal about Arizona in general and the social aspect of the city. I got to pick his brain and he offered some great advice on my research design and some sources I might want to look further into. He even pulled out his book (the one I had been reading) and I was so excited to say OMG I have that book (however, this was the one day I didn't carry it with me...bummer). He was also very personable and easy to talk. My first thought when I was invited to meet him was OMG what I am going to ask him, what am I going to say, am I going to freeze up and just smile the entire time, luckily Dr. Wither's gave me a few pointers on questions to ask and from there it was like all these thoughts and ideas just started coming out. We ended up having a great conversation. Oh yeah and of course I told him about the McNair program...he was very impressed. And he's pretty funny and I can tell he loves his area of study and his profession. I honestly could have talked to him for hours, but he had to get on a plane soon after he finished lunch.

I don't know if I am just lucky or blessed, but either way I am grateful. I am first grateful for being a McNair scholar because with out this opportunity, I would have never been led to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Withers and utimately meet Dr. Kelley. I know everything works out for a reason and I am glad that McNair is my destiny. I read Lynn's and Maureen's post and I know how much they are fighting to keep this program alive. I know that already McNair has afforded me some wonderful opportunities and I am more determined than ever to continue on my path to obtaining my Ph.D.


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  1. How exciting. I am so happy you had the opportunity to meet him. You are already a couple steps ahead of the game, making contacts, wowing current and prospective mentors... Keep going!!!


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