Sunday, June 5

Getting Into the Groove

During the summer, my sister Patty and I have been known to do the “summer chant” when we’re swimming at the cottage, out by the raft. It goes like this. Give me an “S!” Give me a “U!” Give me an “M!” Give me another “M!” Give me an “E!” Give me an “R!” What’s that spell?! SUMMER! SUMMER! I know you are laughing…..but seriously……maybe we should say…..give me an “S!” Give me an “R!” Give me an “I!” What’s that spell?! SRI! SRI! Yes, it’s your Summer Research Institute and you are in the thick of it.

That’s okay though because each one of you is going to work in a very focused and efficient way on all items of business – your research, your GRE, your plan for grad school. Now is the time to do your best, taking advantage of the support, knowledge and guidance you are receiving. We know it’s a lot. It is a lot. I think everyone is well-oriented to striving for balance, which is good. Work hard, but find time to relax and enjoy the summer too. If you work smart and efficient, we think you can do both.

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