Thursday, June 23


I knew the day was going to be a challenge when I witnessed bird-on-bird violence while I sat at the kitchen table contemplating recent events concerning my son's first year funding to attend CMU. I watched as a bird (who I'll call Bob) worked diligently to wrestle breakfast from the ground and wondered how I would fulfill all my responsibilities if I had to fight as hard to secure three daily meals. To my dismay a second bird (George) interrupted my pondering when he swooped down, pecked Bob in the face, and quick as lightning stole the hard won meal. All Bob's hard work was erased in an instance. Bob seemed to pause for a moment before taking flight and I wondered about his response. Was Bob sad, pissed, discouraged, defeated...? Would he muster the energy and courage to search for another meal or go hungry? Would he live to fight another day??

Poopy things happen in life. It is ok to feel what you feel about them but we all are responsible for our choices. If an obstacle delays our progress and we allow it to become a barrier, there are always other birds out there who are only too happy to continue the fight and secure what may have been our next meal. My son will overcome the obstacle created by the loss of 80% of his funding because he is hungry and he is passionate about his goals. He knows about the struggle to fund an education because he lived it with me as I searched endlessly for support to achieve my bachelor's degree. He also knows that it is possible to persevere and reach your goals; he was there when my name was read at the May 2009 graduation ceremony.

Although you will encounter obstacles on your path to earning a doctoral degree, will you allow them to become barriers? Will you persevere?

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  1. I wish Dillon didn't have this situation going, but I have to say that...isn't Maureen a fantastic story teller? I could just see these little birds....


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