Wednesday, July 20

It's All Good

Today was the big day, right? Several of you came by after the test to report the outcome. Like usual, some of you are likely surprised by scoring higher than you thought you would....and others, maybe are surprised (or a little bummed) about not scoring as well as you would have liked. And so it goes. I'm using my brother's phrase again - it's all good. I do believe that.

I want to commend each of you for working so hard this summer. On your research, on the GRE prep, on getting your stuff ready for grad school. It's sometimes hard to see when you are "in it" but you are all making great progress for your lives. You're figuring out your interests, you are developing your skills and you are creating more options for yourselves for the future. Pretty cool, I would say.

We all know that GRE is part of the grad process, in most cases. We know that not everyone is going to score according to the level that some programs will be looking for. I also think that you have heard enough stories about scholars making it through this hurdle and still getting in and getting funding regardless of their GRE score. My mantra - it's all about the contact and connectivity with folks at programs you want to get into. We're going to makes sure that you all have fantastic (SHAZAAM-style) personal statements, you will all have sparkling letters of recommendation and you all have the advantage of knowing (and having the resources and capability of doing so) that you need to visit your top-choice schools. That's where you are going to make the greatest impression and "nail the deal" - taking the GRE is just part of the process. It isn't going to make or break you. It's part of the process that you deal with and move on.

You are all amazing individuals. We love working with each of you. You all have so much to offer. I want you to know that whatever score you got today - be it great, mediocre or kinda poopy - we're going to continue to support you and work with you and that you will all find a path to the "best fit" for you in terms of your graduate education. Relax some, enjoy the summer weather that is in full swing and then get back to your research.....McNair-style....

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