Thursday, October 13

Resurrecting Our Blog!

My bad for not posting on our blog since July and the big “take the GRE” day! Can’t believe it already mid-October and that we have scholars presenting and traveling to conferences and visiting graduate schools. It’s always exciting to see our scholars “putting into action” all of the work they completed during the Summer Research Institute and bringing their visions to reality. During this busy time of year, I thought the following post from the Winner’s Circle would be a good piece to get the ball rolling again on the blog. I encourage you to post (especially those of you presenting and applying!) to share your experiences and to past along those “nuggets of wisdom” that you are, for sure, accumulating. Cheers to a great fall season!


Winner's Circle Network with Lou Tice - "Solitude"
When was the last time you really spent quality time . . . with yourself? A word you don't hear much these days is "solitude." Maybe that is because it isn't experienced much. You know, if you put prisoners in solitary confinement, they go a little crazy, or they use the time to grow. Most of them go a little crazy because we're just not used to being alone. Humans are social beings. Too much solitude feels like punishment, but some is essential if we are really going to grow.

Others surround us at work, at home and just about everywhere else, but it is solitude we need for really deep thinking. I am convinced that one reason carpooling hasn't worked very well is because solitary driving time is precious to so many of us. I am also convinced that many busy people, who can afford it, hire others to drive them around because their time alone in the car is rare and invaluable, especially if you have to negotiate traffic.

A therapist friend of mine believes that one reason people make so much headway in therapy is because it provides built-in time and structure to focus attention inward. And a little solitude time is not being selfish; it can be a time of great renewal.

So if you want to really move ahead, take time every so often to be alone. Build it into your schedule to make sure it happens. Use it to think about where you are and where you want to go, and to problem solve, reflect, and re-connect with your heart's desires and challenges.

Lou Tice, The Pacific Institute, Inc.

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