Friday, October 14

So Lynn resurrected the blog. YAY!!! LOL. I wasn't too sure I would have much too say but I just had one of the moments of utter inspiration. Okay that was awkward-- (utter, I never use that word). But I posted on my Facebook status today about my experience in meeting a prospective scholar. I said "Today I met someone who just touched my soul and inspired me to continue to keep pressing forward in my journey. Just to the see the resilience in young African American women is inspiring and it motivates me to find a path that I can touch and inspire the lives of young women who seek to better themselves even through their struggles. When someones touches my heart it's for real and I it brought me back to where I need to be. #XOXO"

Meeting this prospective student and hearing her story really touched my heart. And sure you hear people's story but something about this girl just made me want to connect with her and talk to her and learn from her story. Okay when I say she touched my soul I never say stuff like that, and then I gave her a huge hug (definitely not me), but today she changed my life. I just felt something so genuine about her and I like to say that I am good judge of character (lol).

Lately I have become so desensitized to the world around me that I forgot that people have struggles that are beyond their control and when they beat the odds that is truly significant. Recently I have decided to pursue African American and/or Women's Studies. My research interests revolve around African American women's experiences. I have been struggling to write my personal statement because I really couldn't articulate why I wanted to study African American women through either program. But now I know why...I am captivated by the resiliency of African American women; we share stories that unite us; but our differences are also inspiring. I know that I want to study the lives of Black women because we have a story that needs to be told and it starts with the girl I met casually in the library she has a story, and it's my mother's story, my female relatives--it's their story, it's the story of women like Harriet Tubman, Toni Morrison, bell hooks, Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, and yes Beyonce. It's the story of struggle, passion, resilience, and success and it's the story of me.

So I thank this girl because little does she know she brought me back to feeling the love for humankind (as hippish as that sounds). She ignited a flame in me and I will always be grateful.

P.S. Lynn, I have to tell you her name because I really hopes she joins our McNair family. LOL

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