Monday, October 31

This Time, Last Year

This time of year is special because we get to see all the hard work of our current cohort come to fruition (through research presentations, applications to grad school, etc.) and we get to round up another highly motivated group of scholars to continue on with the charge of obtaining their Ph.D.’s. That’s what McNair is about – taking your education to the level of a Ph.D. so that you have greater options for the kind of work you ultimately do.

So, as I meet with our new prospective scholars and get ready to read their applications and interview each one, I became inspired to revisit each of your statements that you submitted in order to become a McNair scholar. This time, last year – this is what you had to say:
“As a psychology and youth studies major my goal is to gain expertise in these areas and obtain a Ph.D. Anything worth achieving usually requires great commitment, and a Ph.D. in psychology is worth my efforts.”
~Maame Adomako

“My professional goals are to finish graduate school, receive my Ph.D. in Communication and ultimately, teach Intercultural Communication or Gender Communication. I want to teach students how to successfully solve conflicts that they may have with someone from a different racial or ethnic background.”
~Donnesha Blake

“I want a career that will be my life. When I got my first taste of archaeology I knew that I had found my calling….after a lifetime of wondering I can finally say that I know who I am and what I want from life. I am determined to receive my Ph.D. and to become the first professor in my family.”
~Justin Cramb

“While the ultimate goal is to earn a Doctor of Philosophy degree, I am as interested and driven to research and publish within my field of study and to share that knowledge through teaching and mentoring college students. As a non-traditional student, I possess an unwavering commitment and preparedness in pursuing my aspirations of becoming a university professor.”
~Eric Denby

“Being a college professor would give me the opportunity to share my story and inspire those that felt the way that I did. It would also give me the opportunity to share the gifts that I have been given.”
~Tanisha Finister

“My professional goals are to conduct research in the field of clinical psychology. I ultimately see myself at a university, teaching and being very involved in research...graduate school and a Ph.D. program particularly, is vital to my being able to achieve my career goals.”
~Melissa Hanell

“My goal is to become a professional historian. I desire to be on the frontlines of academic research as it relates to the Middle East. In addition to pursuing a Ph.D., I plan to become a military officer.”
~Timothy Kimbel

“A doctoral degree is essential to being a leading force in any discipline, as the holders of such a degree are at the forefront of developing new concepts and ideas that lead to the betterment of all society. “
~Masani McGee

“I want to pursue a M.D. /PhD. I will be prepared for that step just out of pure determination. A Ph.D. would mean that I could continue work with neurodegenerative disease as I am interested in… not just practicing medicine directly, but also finding new ways to save lives outside of the operating room, and inside the laboratory.”
~Justin Mendoza

“My primary professional goal is to do everything I can to help families like my own by developing community-based programs that will enrich the lives of every day individuals by empowering them to help themselves attain a healthier lifestyle. Earning a Ph.D. will act as a stepping stone, qualifying me to perform research and fill gaps in nutritional information, while also allowing me to work to change the lives of others by passing my passion and knowledge on.”
~Jennifer Messing

“I plan to apply to graduate schools to earn a doctoral degree in Public Health Education. In order to reach my goal of teaching at the college level as a professor, I realize that a Ph.D. is vital. A Ph.D. is a prestigious degree, and I know that having this degree opens up so many opportunities in life.”
~Carissa Schmidt

“I am in pursuit of a Ph.D. not only for the knowledge that I could gain, and the information that I could contribute, but also the opportunities that I would not have if I did not pursue a Ph.D. I want to become a marriage and family therapist to help lower the 50% rate of divorce, and try to increase the number of solid families.”
~Marquitta Swann

These statements inspire me! I hope they continue to inspire you! You guys rock!

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