Friday, November 4

What a Difference One Month Can Make

This was my October reflection.  I wanted to share it because one single month really brought about a great change in my emotional state and my excitement level.  ENJOY!
What an absolute difference a month can make.  I remember feeling down and depressed, unable to move forward, overall concerned about my future while still not making true progress towards it.  Actually, it wasn’t that bad, but it came close.  Then, as if the productivity fairy blessed me with “do-it” dust, I started tackling my tasks with vigor.  I started to feel better, now that I was armed with goals, a to do list, and deadlines.  I was not longer lost in the totality of my tasks.  I had conquered them and, by doing so, I had broken the funk I was in.
Another point for McNair.  And I don’t mind them winning.
I think it would be useful for me, and McNair, to see the progress I have made.  So, here is a list of actions taken and achieved since my last reflection:
  • Sent over 50 emails to professors at my top 14 schools.
  • Received 70% or so response rate to those emails, including long replies filled with advice and guidance.
  • I have targeted 11 schools for applications based on the results above, my interest in the program, and the possibility of acceptance.
  • Finalized my letter of recommendation writers, set up meetings with them, discussed my schools, and began the process of getting those letters.
  • Met with Professors Smith, Green, Hall, Jones, and Robertson to discuss my potential for admission into a graduate program.  The main concern was my GRE and transcript; all professors saw my overall package as promising.
  • I was approved, and very blessed, for travel to Indiana University, as well as visits to my Michigan schools.
  • I have skimmed over at least one article from each of my targeted professors.
  • I have wrote, reviewed, edited, and revised my statement of purpose and CV at least 15 times, all with the help of multiple people, including Lynn Curry, my professors, a few writing center sessions, and my mother.
THE MORALE OF MY STORY:  I think it’s important for me to remember my accomplishments.  Even more importantly, I need to remember that hard work accomplishes real goals; that if I take a few steps forward at first, I will eventually reach my destination.  I also need to remember that clichés, although overused, do sound good, and look even better on paper.


  1. Does this have anything to do with Lynn's "smack down" as you call it? LOL

  2. Great post Eric and great progress good luck to you.


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