Sunday, November 27

Thankful for the GRE (naw, just kidding)

Hello my lovely and fellow scholars.  After reading Lynn's post, and remembering that this time last year I was aglow with pride and anticipation at becoming a McNair scholar, I thought I would share something I am thankful for.  YOU!  That's right.  I am thankful for all of you - from the staff and older cohorts, to our mentors and my fellow McNarians. Instead of writing a list of random and funny quips, I thought I would post excerpts from my Retreat Reflection.

Hippies, and Veggies, and Wine, Oh My!
    Wow!  What an experience I had this past week.  What a relief for me during this difficult period in my life.  As I have expressed in past reflection, one of the greatest joys I have known lately is that of my fellow scholars, of the McNair program as a whole, and of the McNair staff, especially Lynn.  With the idea of the program being a total experience, both mind, body, and soul, I can attest to the truth in those statements.
    Anyway, let me offer some words and phrases that describe the 1st Annual Hippie/Vegetarian/Jolly Roger McNair Retreat for Scholars Needing a Swift Kick in the Ass and a Realistic Assessment of the Professoriate. (be sure to see footnote below)
  • The best salad I have ever tasted (that did not include creamy and fattening homemade ranch dressing)
  • That Oliver is not Maureen’s kid (I quizzically looked at Maureen’s laptop wallpaper and asked, in a puzzled and concerned way, why Oliver wasn’t included in the picture)
  • Don is loud, is fun, and I think he really likes me
  • Ribs, not matter how average they are, taste great after Tofu meals
  • That by eating healthy, as in the vegetarian food, I really could feel good (so, in essence, I will knock the food a tiny bit, but deep down inside, I really liked everything Bob and Sally cooked up)
  • Try never try to go canoeing with Carissa (she’ll dunk ya)
  • 1.9% unemployment in in the professoriate, which means I can get a job
  • “Jaguar”
  • Children’s books are fun:  “My Grandmother is a hippie”
  • When you strip away the normal, everyday concerns and stresses of life, and live closely together for three days, a group of people will not only get along, but will find out ways to make each other feel better, feel happy, and feel like winners
  • If you need to be quiet for any period of time, don’t wake Carissa up
  • That geo-caching is probably fun in an alternative universe and one that includes working flashlights, mosquito repellent, and a lot more booze prior to the hike
  • Before beginning a game with 13+ people a few things should happen:  First, elect a leader to choose the game.  Second, try to follow the traditional rules of the game.  Third, if you can’t do either 1 or 2, then create “Pict-arade-aboo” and make sure there is ample nectar to sip upon
  • Everyone is an imposter in Graduate School
  • PhD programs are for training, not for intelligence building
  • Pork belly tapenade over lightly seared sea scallops make for a good last meal
  • In an effort to be more like Gary Bussey, I created an acronym for DRAFT – Don’t Reflect.  Add Flurry of Text
  • Specificity + Flexibility = Admission
  • Capacity + Passion = Admission
  • When someone has gotten little sleep, is sick, and experiencing vertigo, don’t give the keys to a huge truck and have them drive in rain (Justin C, after Poppycock’s)
  • Bring peanut butter for Carissa to any future trips lasting 24 hours or more
  • Perfect certainty never comes
  • It really isn’t that bad to sleep in a camper with Tim
  • Sometimes Zebras can have 8 legs and resemble a Loch Ness monster – just make sure to draw the stripes
  • Fit and Match = Admissibility
  • Being called Dr. Denby for a whole day is really freakin’ cool
  • Always choose the “superstar” faculty member from China!

The following list is an effort to add creativity and fun to the reflection and in no means is it to skirt the length requirements of the assignment.  

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  1. OMG this was so funny really brought back memories...Great Post


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