Wednesday, November 30

Today Was A Very Important Day!!

Today I submitted my first application to my top choice school the University of Maryland for their doctoral program in Women's Studies. I was so excited because this point in my life has not come without many tears (literally and figuratively) and much hard work. A few months ago I was doubting my ability to even get in to a Ph.D. program. I only wanted to apply to MA programs (which I still will do but not all) and I was afraid that maybe I wasn't ready. I was even doubting my program and not sure what I wanted to study. But after and few gentle "smack downs" mostly encouraging words and some self exploration, I realized that I am completely capable of pursing this next level.

Throughout this process I have learned three major things about myself...

1. Be honest with really doesn't matter and it's really not that convincing to others if I am not passionate about.

2. If it's meant to be it will...let the chips fall...relax, relate, release (yep as cliche as it may be)

3. And finally during my visit to U of Maryland a graduate student that I met said something completely profound "go for the school that is going to accept MOST of you."

So with that being said I am signing off to get back to studying and I am excited to submit more applications. Rutgers is next...

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