Monday, May 17

Learning Opportunities

So we are off and running! On paper it looks like there is a full summer in store for you, and it is a busy time, but "judging" by the way everyone contributed today and maintained a positive attitude, you are on track to make it a memorable experience.

Taking the MBTI is an eye opener, not because I learned something shocking about myself but because it affirms that people can challenge themselves, step outside their preferences to become more extraverted (introverted), thinking (feeling), etc... If at first it is not comfortable to step outside our preferences, with practice, with experience, we can get to a point where we are truly "in the middle." It is difficult to remember why I used to have trouble starting a conversation (my former introverted self) but now I feel that I could talk to anyone but still long for my alone time (extraverted <- ME -> introverted).

Isn't it amazing that life provides us so many learning opportunities. I learned today that I am in the middle on several "type" dimensions but I also learned that I do not, and should not, take advantage of ALL carbohydrate opportunities offered throughout the SRI. That final milk and cookie opportunity was one I should have passed on.

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