Sunday, May 23

Web Surfin' and Crawler Pickin'

If only the McNair scholars could see me now with dirt under my fingernails.

I had been sitting at the computer for hours searching for GRE vocabulary builder games online to make their studying a bit more enjoyable. Alan was outside doing God only knows what when he came in the house looking for an empty butter container, at 11:45pm mind you, and apparently he was catching his own bait for his upcoming fishing trip.

He was crawler pickin' in the moonlight, you know, you walk across the wet grass with the light of a flashlight partially concealed until you happen upon a slimy body glistening against the grass. You reach your hand out quick at lightning to nab the little guy before he darts back into his/her hole, and then slowly, patiently pull him from the ground.

Of course after hours at the computer, even crawler pickin' sounds fun so what did I do? I followed Alan out to the back yard and showed off my crawler pickin' talents. I proved to be quite talented in that department. I will have to keep that in mind if the economy doesn't pick up and I need a steady job.

Lost story short, I filled a butter tub full of crawlers tonight annnnnndddddd found several good resources for the scholars to check out when they return.

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