Tuesday, May 25

Thoughts from Camp

Hello Scholars and Lynn,

So I miss all of you and I am wondering how everything is going in Illnois.

I am sure your brains are on overload but you must be strengthening semi-new relationships and meeting new people as well. It is my hope that at least one of you, or preferably many of you, will add comments to this post and let me know how you are doing.

Take care. Oh, and I do know you are in Indiana, just kidding with you.


  1. All of us have been having a great time. We've all been hanging out the whole time, getting to know each other better than we did before (right Andy??? ;P still so sorry).

    But seriously, I have honestly had such a great time down here. Even if I can feel the air around me, heavy and freakishly congesting, being with ya'll has made this an experience of a lifetime. And getting to know each of your quirky little qualities has made me appreciate ya'll even more. And I feel like we are a family.

    Plus, even though the days are long (10 hours is more than I can take), the info is well worth it. Not many people can say that they were taught how to take the GRE by the executive of the company.

    Tomorrow we are off to Bloomington IU. Some of us will be on the way BACK, but who's keeping score.

  2. All I have to add is that we are BY FAR the coolest, most outgoing, and most close-knit group here. All the other kids are jealous. It's pretty awesome.


  3. You guys are funny. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

    It is not uncommon to hear that the CMU group is close knit and prepared for camp. You can thank your awesome director. We expect quality work and positive attitudes but it definitely pays off with results!!


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