Saturday, June 12

Decisions, Decisions

It is difficult to maintain the passion and drive to reach your goals when you are feeling physically and emotionally drained, when you are struggling to remember why you are on this path in the first place, and you feel isolated from the rest your friends and family on the 9 to 5 track.

To top it all off, you follow the advice of someone with more experience than you, someone in charge, and end up bombing an assignment so badly the shock feels like a physical blow. Your first reaction is to curse and then it feels as if the horror will come in the form of tears, pumping raw emotion out of your chest with the force of a blown BP oil well belching millions of gallons into the once beautiful gulf. Then comes the realization that you must step back and re-evaluate in order to move forward. If you stay in the place where it feels unfair, where you want to fight the system, where the anger makes you feel defeated, you may be unable to effectively move forward. You may be stuck fighting the past when the rest of the world has moved on without you.

How to do it though when you are experiencing all of the above mentioned feelings in paragraph #1? Keep it all in perspective I guess. I don't have to get all A's in graduate school, right? I have heard that B's make Ph.D.'s. Do I strive for top marks, yes. Am I defined by a letter grade, no. Can I truly change anything by complaining about how I was graded, not likely. Should I voice my feelings of unfairness, absolutely, but with the realization that it may not (and did not) change a thing. Finally, accepting that shit happens and if I allow myself to get wrapped up in the diaper with it, I cannot move forward.

The longer I am in this world the more I learn about letting go of things that I cannot control so that when I move forward, progress is not the result of emotions fading away or forgetting about past challenges and hurts. Instead, progress is the result of making a conscious decision to move forward with full knowledge of the consequences of staying stuck in unresolved issues.

When finally you find yourself at the end of a difficult period of time, when you look at what lies behind you, maybe then you rediscover your passion and remember why you are on the path in the first place.

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  1. Maureen, you are my rock and have such a great perspective on life. You are a great role model and source of inspiration. Thanks.


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