Sunday, June 20

What will U be doing over break?

Today I had the rare opportunity to go out on the boat with my husband and children for 4 hours of togetherness and fishing. It hasn't always been rare but in recent years my hands have not often touched a live fish or subdued a wriggling worm to string it on a hook. Funny, after all the years I have fished in my life. I still feel guilty when I poke the hook through the worm's body.

Anyway, as I sat on the boat staring at my line in the water, the reflection of the setting sun bathing my family in shades of pink, yellow, and blue, a peace settled over me. The birds sang all around us, their music as beautiful as a symphony. This experience reminded me of how desperately I love nature and how it energizes me. With a touch of sadness, I also realized how little time I have set aside for such experiences.

Since I put a lot of value in self-reflection, I have decided that although I do have to do some work over our mid-summer break, I will definitely spend time with my family allowing the beauty surrounding us to replenish my flagging energy.


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