Monday, June 14

Secretly Longing for My Cohort

I had the privilege of reading your "My Fellow Scholars" essays today and they stirred up so many thoughts of my own cohort. I felt a little sad upon finishing your essays because I really miss my cohort. I felt a lump growing in my throat as memories of canoe trips, boisterous work sessions, potlucks and margaritas flitted casually through my mind. Where has the time gone?

The intensity of the summer fostered the development of bonds that continue to move me even now after 3 years of little to no contact with my fellow scholars. Although we have all been very busy, there are the occasional moments when our lives touch and I am reminded of the fun times and adventures we shared. There are friends that have been in my life longer but only some have impacted my life as strongly as my fellow scholars.

I am so glad that you are experiencing the same with your cohort.

Thank you for sharing your stories.

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